Step 1:

 Author submits his/her Article by filling in the necessary information through the ‘Submissions’ Menu and ‘Online Article Submissions Submenu.

Under this step Authors are to copy and paste their abstracts alongside its keywords in the ‘Abstract box’ provided. Authors are also expected to upload their articles for submission in MSWord Document only.

Please note that to make the publication process a seamless one, all Articles to be submitted must conform to the standards set in the JAPIL’s Preparation of Papers Manual

Step 2

Author will receive an email detailing Author’s Tracking ID. It is with this ID that Author(s) can check the progress and know the status his/her/their Article or do any other businesses on the JAPIL platform.

Step 3

The submitted Article is organized and immediately dispatched for review. Author(s) will receive an email to this effect.  Reviewed articles are sent back to the Author(s) if there is need for correction. The corrected versions will be attached as a Word Document and sent manually to with the subject  “Corrected Version of Tracking ID (insert ID) with Topic of Article.

Step 4

All Articles (primary & corrected) that have passed the review process will immediately be marked ‘Accepted’.  Author(s) of accepted articles will immediately be informed of their ‘Accepted’ status via emails. The status can also always be checked the “Know your Status submenu.

Step 5

Submission and Verification of Copyrighte Documents. The Article is immediately published and can be viewed from the Issues page.