Shadows of a Time Past: Reportage on the Incidences of War Commercialisation in Selected African Countries

Publication Date : 28/09/2022

Author(s) :

Taiwo Abiodun-Oni.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 1
(09 - 2022)

Abstract :

Nations go to war for numerous reasons, some of which are justifiable while others are egotistical. The African continent has had its fair share of conflict; even though mostly of an non-international nature, these conflicts are still very much alive in the many states that make up the continent. Foreign governments and corporations seem to have found fortunes in these misfortunes and have been capitalizing on the clusters of non-international armed conflicts as opportunities for pecuniary gains. The average African state has a weak and poorly armed military, hence, it is often the case that governments outsource this important task to private mercenaries, lobbyists and in rare case, other sovereign nations. This paper adopted the historiogaphical method to produce a detailed reportage of the incidences and activities of private mercenaries, lobbyists and other foreign interests profiteering from armed conflicts in selected African countries; Libya and Sierra Leone. The paper noted that the foundational cause of the weak state the average African military is not unconnected to colonization which on many fronts has caused retardation to both structural and idealistic Africa. The paper recommended that governments must begin the process of decolonization of the African legal order and that foreign governments and foreign mercenary groups must be held responsible for actions arising out of their actions during these conflicts.

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