Law and War in the International System: Striking A Balance Between International Law And International Politics

Publication Date : 10/03/2023

Author(s) :

Joseph Matawa.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 4
Issue 1
(03 - 2023)

Abstract :

The existence of a strong international order rests on the foundation of global peace and security. That is why the maintenance of peace and the prohibition of the use of force in the conduct of international relations lies at the core of modern international law. Sadly, and all too often, states resort to the use of force in pursuit of national interest and to achieve some geopolitical objective. This has raised questions as to the effectiveness of international law in preventing armed conflicts and the role international politics as presently structured, understood and practiced plays in fomenting hostilities in the global scene. Using the Russia-Ukraine conflict as a point of reference, this essay will consider the implications of such conflicts in international law and politics. To be specific, we shall consider the relationship between International Law and International Politics, the not so effective measures of international law in preventing armed conflicts and explore the possibility of utilising international politics to supplement international law efforts in maintaining global peace.

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